The engagement session is my opportunity to learn about the two of you and how you photograph. It's my chance to teach you some tricks I've learned in order to look happy, natural, and most importantly -- not cheesy. 

It's included with every single package because that's how important it is. 


The perfect location is one where you'd actually venture to on a Sunday afternoon stroll. It's a place where you've shared a kiss or two, and a place that makes you feel at home just being there. 

Don't worry too much about choosing somewhere "scenic," because I can work magic in a parking garage or any plain old park. It's about light, and that's something we can't plan! 



Old parts of town where the buildings are covered with vines 
The family cottage 
A patio in the Byward Market 
Your beautifully decorated living room 
That place where he got down on one knee...

Wardrobe is a tough one...Since I'm not able to take a peek into your closets and help you pick out your outfits, I'm going to leave you with some general DOs and DON'Ts. 



Wear clothes you like and feel good in.
Wear clothes with pockets (it really helps when it comes to posing!)
Include one pattern, but stick to a max of 2 bright colours.
Accessorize (this is a big one! a chunky necklace, blingy watch, and a cute pair of shoes goes a long way)

D O N ' T 

Wear solid black. Wear a dress that's too short to sit down in.
Wear the same colour shirt as your man. 

Plan to arrive early. When we plan for a shoot at 7:30pm, for example, that means we should be taking our first photo at 7:35pm. Make sure you're early in order to find parking and put the finishing touches on your wardrobe. 

Feed your man a hefty breakfast on the morning of your shoot. With lots of bacon. He'll love you extra all day. 

Pack lightly. Your goal is to be carrying absolutely nothing, that way we can walk and shoot without stopping to set things down. 

Only bring props if they truly reflect who you are a couple. 


Engagement sessions can be kept simple, but they can also include props or themes as long as they're used properly. My advice to you is to think of props as a way to enhance the reflection of the two of you as a couple. 

 For example, a picnic in the park won't work for two people who absolutely LOVE going to see live music and eating at cool new restaurants. And a walk in the forest with your dog won't work if you generally hang out inside playing boardgames.



S'mores and a cozy blanket for the campfire
Cupcakes and wine for a dockside picnic
Waterguns and a comfy hammock for some cottage lovin'
BBQing on the rooftop patio at your condo

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